Dear water sector colleagues,

The war in Ukraine continues. Innocent people are being killed; civilians and children are being murdered. Aggressor’s bestiality does not stop. Damage to Ukraine’s water and sewage infrastructure is unimaginable and difficult to estimate at the moment.

We maintain constant contact with our Ukrainian twin organisation Ukrainian Association of Water and Sewerage ‘UKROVODOKANALEKOLOGIA’.

There are appeals for help, not only humanitarian, but also technical assistance.

Once again, I ask you to open your hearts and help.

For this purpose, the Chamber of Commerce ‘Polish Waterworks’ (IGWP) is updating its website ( with a new ‘Help to Ukraine’ section (you can enter by clicking on the top menu bar with Ukrainian flag). In the coming days, 7 new tabs will be launched. In order to facilitate contact, some of them will soon be assigned a dedicated e-mail address so please do check for updated regularly. The following website sections (i.e. tabs) are under construction:

  • Tab 1. Announcements: most up-to-date appeals, information, and updates.
  • Tab 2. Financial assistance: account numbers for bank transfers in PLN and Euro will be provided, including information on how funds are allocated and their purpose.
  • Tab 3. Humanitarian aid actions specifically for water companies: aim is to exchange information on activities for Ukraine and to develop joint humanitarian aid actions.
  • Tab 4. Job offers: information for water professionals from Ukraine, temporarily staying in Poland, that look for employment inside and outside the water sector in Poland, including options for upskilling and career change. Messages about potential jobs in Polish water companies will be posted along with information about assistance in accommodation. This platform is intended to assist fellow water industry professionals in the process of dislocation. Ultimately, an interactive map of the Polish job offers will appear in the tab, updated with current job offers sent by water utilities representatives. For the above purpose, an e-mail addressed has already been launched:
  • Tab 5. Legal and legislative information: a compendium of basic legal and legislative information for people from Ukraine who want to temporarily stay and work in Poland.
  • Tab 6. Latest news from the Ukrainian water utilities: information edited jointly with the Ukrainian association ‘UKROVODOKANALEKOLOGIA’ will be posted.
  • Tab 7 Technical assistance: technical assistance database of most needed items for Ukrainian water and sewage companies is being created. We want to connect Ukrainian and Polish water utilities or Polish and foreign manufacturers and water sector supply chains as part of voluntary (free of charge) assistance or at the cost of manufacturing (purchasing) specific products (e.g. chemicals) and equipment ensuring the continued operation of the destroyed or damaged Ukrainian water and sewerage infrastructure. For the above purpose, an e-mail address has been launched:  The coordinator of the activities within the section is a colleague from Ukraine Jurij Zherlitsyn representing the association ‘UKROVODOKANALEKOLOGIA’.

News in Polish, Ukrainian, and where possible also in English, will be updated on a regular basis. For this purpose, the IGWP hired a Ukrainian translator.

Please visit regularly our page “Help for Ukraine” (in Polish ‘Pomoc dla Ukrainy’

We will endeavour to post up-to-date information, requests and communications as soon as possible.

Glory to Ukraine!


Krzysztof Dąbrowski

President of the Chamber

Solidarni z Ukrainą CZYTAJ WIĘCEJ